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How Long Does a Breast Lift Procedure Last?

If you’re considering a breast lift, you must make a carefully informed decision. A breast lift can offer tremendous benefits, but it’s important to understand how the procedure works and what you can expect. 

One of the most common inquiries we hear from prospective patients at Southwest Michigan Plastic and Hand Surgery in Portage, MI, is how long the results from a breast lift will last. There is no simple answer to this question. The type of breast lift you undergo, along with factors like your age, genetics, and weight, can all impact how long you’ll continue to see results from breast lift surgery. 

Surgical Breast Lift Results Last the Longest

Often, people believe that breast augmentation will provide them with the lift they’re looking for. However, breast augmentation simply changes the volume of the breasts; it doesn’t change the surrounding tissue structure. To truly see perkier breasts, you’ll need a breast lift.

If you have a surgical breast lift, you can continue to see results for years or even decades. A breast lift surgery will alter the breast tissues, lifting them and removing the excess skin that causes sagging. 

A simple, no-implant breast lift can last ten years or even longer. Lifestyle factors, such as pregnancy, changes to your weight, and smoking, can reduce the longevity of your breast lift. Factors beyond your control, like age and genetics, can shorten the time before you need another procedure to maintain your results.

A no-implant breast lift is advisable if you’re happy with the current size of your breasts. However, you can consider combining a breast lift with implants if you’d like to see larger breasts.

A Breast Lift with Implants Will Require Maintenance

When you combine your breast lift with implants, you’ll increase the volume of your breasts while lifting them. A breast lift with implants can benefit patients who recently lost a large amount of weight that caused them to lose volume in their breasts. It can also help patients whose breasts have changed after pregnancy and nursing.

However, implants typically don’t last forever. While they don’t have a set expiration date, they tend to deteriorate over time, and you may need to replace them after eight to ten years. 

If you believe a breast lift with implants is the best option for you, we’ll walk you through the process and explain how to care for your breasts following the surgery. Remember that the length of time your implants last can vary; in some cases, they may last for decades.

When it comes time to replace or remove your implants, you can decide whether you want to repeat the breast lift procedure, too.

A Breast Reduction and Lift Can Last a Long Time

Some people are born with larger breasts that feel uncomfortable, while others find a weight fluctuation or pregnancy has increased the size of their breasts. If you want to reduce the size of your breasts while also lifting them, a breast reduction and lift might be the proper procedure for you. 

In a breast reduction, we’ll remove excess fat, skin, and tissue from your breasts to reduce their volume to the size of your choosing. Afterward, we’ll restructure the tissue to give your breasts a perkier appearance.

Since no implants are involved in a breast reduction and lift, you won’t need to worry about future procedures to replace or remove them. While the results from your procedure may change due to the natural aging process and lifestyle factors, you can always schedule a maintenance surgery.

Typically, breast reduction and lift results last at least eight to ten years.

Results from Non-Surgical Breast Lifts Won’t Last as Long

If you don’t think you’re ready for breast lift surgery, consider a non-surgical breast lift. A non-surgical breast lift can offer similar benefits to a traditional breast lift, especially for those who are just beginning to see the signs of breast sagging.

Vampire Breast Lifts Can Last a Year or Two

A vampire breast lift is a non-surgical breast lift that involves using your own platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to stimulate cell turnover and collagen production. This procedure can improve your breasts’ appearance by minimizing wrinkles and stretch marks. You may also notice a slight increase in the volume of your breasts.

Unlike surgical breast lifts, vampire breast lifts do not require downtime. The procedure lasts less than two hours, and you can return to your regular activities immediately afterward.

Typically, the results from a vampire breast lift last up to two years. However, it’s essential to have realistic expectations; you won’t see the same dramatic results from a non-surgical breast lift as you would with a traditional one. 

Maintain Your Breast Lift Results by Caring for Your Body

While you can’t control all the factors that impact how long your breast results will last, there are a few ways to increase their longevity. Maintaining a healthy weight is critical to sustaining your results. Fluctuations in your weight can change the appearance of your breasts, particularly if the change is more than ten pounds. 

You’ll also want to avoid smoking or vaping, as both activities can impact the health of your breast tissue and cause changes. If you currently smoke, quitting before breast lift surgery is best.

We recommend waiting until you’re done having children before undergoing a surgical breast lift. Pregnancy and nursing impact the breasts, and you may need to repeat the procedure after having children to maintain your results.

Schedule a Consultation to Find Out Whether a Breast Lift Is Right for You

If you’re considering a breast lift, schedule a consultation with Southwest Michigan Plastic and Hand Surgery in Portage, MI. We’ll help you determine whether the procedure is right for you and explain what you can expect following the treatment. Contact us today to set up an appointment.


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