What’s a Turkey Neck?

It’s that sagging skin in the front of the neck and under the chin that looks like a turkey wattle—hence the name.

What Causes a Turkey Neck?

Turkey NeckNormal aging, genetics and weight loss can hasten the onset of excess skin where fat used to be. As we age, our skin becomes less elastic, contributing to this sagging. Further, bands in the neck called the platysma bands—a group of thin muscles in the neck—become more visible as we age.

Everybody’s body ages differently. Weight fluctuations, genes, lifestyle (smoking, alcohol, sun exposure, etc) all contribute to your body’s aging pattern. Even your gender affects your aging—a man’s skin is thicker than a woman’s, allowing men to look somewhat younger than a woman of the same age—again, affected by his lifestyle habits, genes and weight patterns.

Your facial structure also affects your neck. Those with a smaller jaw will notice sagging earlier than someone with a stronger jaw line, like Brad Bitt or Emily Deschanel (Bones). What’s this tell us? Beauty isn’t skin deep—it’s bone deep!

How To Fix a Turkey Neck

We have 3 options in our Portage and Battle Creek plastic surgery offices to treat turkey neck:

  1. Kybella
  2. Liposuction
  3. Neck Lift

Kybella is an injectable geared to treating double chin. Depending upon the amount of sagging, a series of these injections may be just the ticket for specific patients.

For patients with resilient skin, liposuction can often provide adequate correction. Liposuction doesn’t work well, however, in patients with a great deal of loose skin. In those cases, the skin will look even worse after the fat has been removed, and is the reason I’d recommend a neck lift for them.

A neck lift is a surgical option that can be done alone or in combination with a facelift.

What Are the Benefits of a Neck Lift?

  • Eliminate sagging skin from under the chin (the dreaded turkey-neck)
  • Connect the visible bands on the front of the neck
  • Remove fat from under the chin (double chin) and from the neck
  • Restore a smooth, youthful neckline

How is a neck lift performed?

A neck lift, performed under general anesthesia, may be done alone or with a face lift. During a neck lift, the extra skin and fat are removed and the neck muscles (the platysma) are tightened. The incisions are placed so as to be nearly invisible after healing has taken place: behind the ears and at the hairline.

My Portage and Battle Creek neck lift patients are delighted with their new, defined jaw line after a neck lift. If you have concerns about sagging in your neck, call me for a consultation today. After all, turkey neck liposuction are for turkeys!


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