Facial treatments deeply cleanse and moisturize your face. We clean your pores, remove dead skin cells, and address common skin concerns like acne, wrinkles, and dark circles. We also work to rehydrate your skin and reduce blemishes. The best time to have facial treatments is one week before a major event, or when you want your skin at its best.

Custom Clinical Facial

We customize every clinical facial to ensure your skin looks its best. Our personized facials work to rejuvenate and refresh your skin. Our team will plan customized treatments that will target your specific skin concerns and issues. Our clinical facials include the use of topical skin treatments in various areas of the body, including the face or back.

Acne Facial

Are you looking to treat the root cause of your acne with minimal side effects? The acne facial is a popular skincare treatment that focuses primarily on extractions for blocked pores. We use a gentle extraction process that releases any excess build-up of oil and sebum. This treatment cleans out stubborn dirt that is clogging up your pores.

Fire & Ice Facial

Our Med Spa Services include the legendary FIRE & ICE FACIAL is designed to resurface and rejuvenate the skin with little or no down time rapidly and safely. It is a safe, gentle option for reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. By undergoing this treatment, you can improve the appearance of uneven skin tone and blemish-prone skin.


Dermaplaning is an ideal treatment if you have skin problems due to sun damage. It is the deepest form of manual exfoliation. It addresses fine lines, dull skin, and dry patches. This treatment helps improve skin texture and tone while also removing the first layer of dead skin and vellus (peach fuzz) hair. Dermaplaning leaves skin glowing and feeling soft and supple to the touch. This treatment can be added onto any Custom Facial.

Chemical Peel

Our chemical peel treatments help fight skin damage and give your skin a more youthful, unblemished appearance. It is one of the most effective treatments for erasing the signs of aging from your skin. A chemical peel also treats wrinkles, lightens dark spots, and improves the appearance of mild scars. This treatment peels off the dry, damaged layers of your skin and reveals the younger-looking, healthier skin beneath.


One of our favorite Med Spa Services, a Derma-Peel combines the rejuvenating benefits of a chemical peel or enzyme with the skin-refreshing advantages of Dermaplaning. This treatment provides superior results when it comes to improving your skin texture, color, and overall appearance, encourages cell renewal and elimination of skin imperfections. It can even decrease the apparent size of your pores and address the issue of small, superficial wrinkles.

Corrective Peels

Compared to common skincare treatments, a corrective peel is a step up from the ordinary. Our Med Spa Services provide effective, powerful, corrective peels that instantly soothes, hydrates, and protects your skin. It is one of the most gratifying skin treatments that our specialists are happy to provide. A corrective peel treatment may combine Dermaplaning, chemical exfoliation, other options that encourage cell renewal and the elimination of skin imperfections.

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