Breast Reduction

What is a Breast Reduction?

Breast reduction is a fairly common outpatient plastic surgery procedure, which is performed to bring your breasts more in proportion to the rest of your body. It’s often done to relieve back and shoulder pain as well.

Am I a Good Candidate for a Breast Reduction?

If you are otherwise healthy but find that the weight of your breasts causes shoulder or neck pain, if your bra straps dig into your shoulders, or you feel that your breasts are too large for your body size, breast reduction might be right for you. When you meet with Dr. Elluru at your consultation at one of his Southwest Michigan plastic surgery offices, he will help you create a clear picture of your desired result.

Like other breast procedures, if you intend to breastfeed, we suggest that you discuss this with Dr. Elluru at your consultation. In general, the majority of women who undergo cosmetic breast procedures such as augmentation, reduction or breast lifts, can breastfeed, as there are techniques available that will accommodate that goal.

Where Will My Breast Reduction Be Performed?

All of my cosmetic surgery procedures, including breast reduction, are performed in one of two local accredited ambulatory surgical facilities near my Southwest Michigan plastic surgery office. These same-day surgery centers offer you the safety of a hospital operating room without exposure to hospital-based bacteria, plus the benefit of a friendly, caring, and personalized experience. I always work with a board-certified anesthesiologist, because your safety is of paramount concern to me. Many of the operating room staff at these centers have been working with me for over 15 years!

How is a Breast Reduction Performed?

Prior to your procedure, I will “mark” the areas where incisions will be made with a special pen (the marks are washed off before you leave the operating room). My anesthesiologist will give you general anesthesia, so you’ll be “out” during the procedure. After you’re sound asleep, I’ll make an incision between the nipple and the inframammary fold (where the breast meets the chest wall, under the breast). This incision is often called a lollipop incision or inverted “T”. Excess breast tissue is carefully removed to create an even, natural appearance. The areola will be repositioned on the breast and excess skin removed. I always perform a breast lift in conjunction with breast reductions to be sure your breasts are both lifted and smaller, to insure a natural appearance. Before leaving the OR, you’ll be fitted with a special bra to support the breasts during the recovery phase.

Recovery From Breast Reduction

Most patients recover from a breast reduction with a minimum of discomfort, thanks to the supportive bra that you will wear 24 hours a day (except for showering) for approximately a month. Most of our patients feel fairly well in about a week, though it takes approximately six weeks for full healing.

For about a month following a breast reduction, please avoid any strenuous exercise or lifting, or any activities which use your chest muscles or require you to lift your arms over your head.

Some patients do experience a lack of sensation in the nipple area following this procedure, though it’s generally temporary and disappears at the area heals. There will be noticeable scars from this procedure though they will fade with time.

Breast reduction surgery has a huge effect on the lives of my patients who have suffered from oversize breasts—some of them for years—that have hindered their comfort and self-confidence. If you’d like to evaluate the possibility of a breast reduction, please call our office.

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