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Having enlarged male breasts, known in the medical community as gynecomastia, is a surprisingly common condition. As the name suggests, it is characteristic of excessively large, feminine male chests. This can cause self-esteem issues and difficulty fitting into clothes. We’d like you to know that there’s hope. Today, we’re talking about candidacy for male breast reduction.

Are You in Good General Health?

As with any procedure, the best candidate for male breast reduction is in good general health. Let your general care physician know that you’re considering male breast reduction and ask him or her if you have any health conditions you should tell our plastic surgeon about during your initial consultation.

Depending on your health status, you may need to hold off on this procedure for a while until you’re in better health. But we can’t help you make an informed decision if we don’t have all the information.

What Medications Are You Taking?

In some cases, gynecomastia is a side effect of medication. If you take anti-anxiety, heart or prostate medications, talk to your general health practitioner about the dosage and potential side effects. If you can lower your dosage, you may notice a reduction in breast swelling.

When you come in for your initial consultation, bring a list of all medications and supplements you take. This should include both prescription and over-the-counter drugs. Certain medications, such as NSAIDs and MAOIs, thin your blood and will interfere with your procedure. You’ll need to stop taking these temporarily.

Do You Smoke?

If you smoke, you aren’t automatically ruled out as a candidate for male breast reduction. However, you will need to quit leading up to and following your procedure. Cigarettes contain nicotine, a harmful chemical that elevates blood pressure. For a safe procedure and quick recovery, you must abstain from all sources of nicotine, including cigarettes, chewing tobacco and nicotine patches.

Are You at a Stable, Healthy Weight?

If you are overweight or obese, it’s advisable to wait until you’re at a healthy weight to undergo this procedure. Weight loss in overweight men often results in reduced breast volume. If you’re at a healthy weight and you still suffer from gynecomastia, male breast reduction is probably the best option for you.

What Are Your Expectations?

The best candidate for male breast reduction has realistic expectations about the results. Breast reduction won’t give you contoured pecs that you see in elite athletes. Rather, it will give your chest a flatter, more appropriate look.

Schedule Your Initial Consultation

To find out if you’re an ideal candidate for male breast reduction, talk to the team at Southwest Michigan Plastic and Hand Surgery, located in Battle Creek and Portage. Contact us today for a consultation!


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