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What You Need To Know About Laser Hair Removal

There is absolutely nothing worse than constant shaving, expensive and painful waxing, ingrown hairs, and razor burns when it comes to hair removal. With laser hair removal you can say goodbye to all of the pain and inconveniences of shaving and waxing. But is laser hair removal really as perfect of a solution as it sounds? Here’s what you really need to know about the treatment, and what you can expect once you’ve made the decision to go forward with it.


Generally, effective laser hair removal requires 6-8 consecutive sessions with a 4-week interval in-between. This is to accommodate all of the hair follicles in their various stages of growth. Only about 30% of our hair is in the “growth” phase at any given time. Laser hair removal treats the hair that is in the growth phase or the hair that is visible. Keep in mind that each patient is different. The more treatments you receive, the finer your hair becomes. Therefore, treatment sessions will not take as long. Our Med Spa team will carefully note your progression and let you know if you would need more treatments or if you are good to go.

Pain Tolerance

There is a common misconception that all types of laser treatments burn. This is not the case for laser hair removal treatments. In fact, hot wax used for waxing feels hotter than the laser itself. Our Med Spa team will ice the treatment area before and after to ensure you feel no pain or discomfort during or after your session. By the time you come in for your final treatment, you will become accustomed to the feeling of laser energy penetrating your hair follicles. It is said to feel similar to a rubber band snapping on your skin. If your pain tolerance is of concern prior to your treatment, our Med Spa team can suggest different topical numbing creams to ease the pain.

Pre and Post Care

The right time to get started with your laser hair removal sessions is the months that you spend the least amount of time in the sun. For best results, you must avoid sun exposure and spray tanning 1 month before your treatment. This is because tan skin requires a lower laser setting, which can reduce overall results and effectiveness.  After your treatment, it is advised to continue avoiding sun exposure so that your proceeding treatments will have the best results. Use a high SPF on areas that you are treating if you do plan on having sun exposure. Our Med Spa aestheticians will provide you a take-home kit that will allow for the most comfortable downtime.

Although laser hair removal is often associated with women wanting to remove unwanted hair, this treatment is common for men as well! Common areas to treat for women are bikini line, underarms, lip, chin, legs, stomach, and arms. Common areas to treat for men are the back, neck, chest, and abdomen.

Always feel free to call our team at (269) 280-2311 to answer any questions you may have about laser hair removal and to set up your consultation and first treatment today!


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