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Laser Hair Removal for Men

The procedure of laser hair removal for men uses a beam of light to bypass the outer layers of the skin to target the hair follicle. This disables the hair’s reproductive cycle without causing any damage to the skin. With the right number of treatments, all of the follicles will eventually die and hair will no longer grow on the treated areas. The pigment within the hair absorbs the light from the laser which is converted into heat.

Laser hair removal for men is popular among athletes. Cyclists often have their lower bodies and legs treated to reduce the irritation and chafing caused by sweat, tight cycling gear and long rides. This also makes putting on the required gear much easier because there are no hairs to get tugged or caught. Swimmers have this procedure because less hair can save them one-tenth of a second and help them set a new record. This also reduces grooming time by eliminating the need to prep their bodies or shave prior to a competition or race. Numerous men are uncomfortable with excess hair on their bodies. Some men have their chest treated simply to thin out the hair as opposed to removing it completely.

The Most Common Treatment Areas for Laser Hair Removal for Men

Numerous men have this procedure to make it easier to shave. This is especially true for men who have issues with ingrown hairs. The chest and back generally require a series of treatments scheduled weeks apart. The laser kills the hairs while they are in the growth stage. This means as the follicles die, they will be replaced by new follicles entering the growth stage. A few weeks are necessary for the dead follicles to shed. This means during the next appointment, there will be hairs in the growth stage, dormant stage, and dying stage.

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