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There are men who are in physically good condition but seem to be unable to get rid of enlarged breasts. In this scenario, there’s more going on than simply a matter of excess weight. The most practical solution is to consider undergoing a male breast reduction for gynecomastia. Here are some basics that you should understand before requesting this type of procedure.

Is the Procedure Right for Me?

There are certain qualities that make you a prime candidate for male breast reduction for gynecomastia. You should be in basically good physical condition. That does not mean you are disqualified because of a chronic health issue. Assuming your condition is under control, you may still be able to undergo the procedure. Men who do not smoke and do not use recreational drugs are also good candidates. When it comes to prescription medications, discuss anything you take regularly with the surgeon. It may be necessary to avoid taking one or more of those drugs in the days prior to the procedure.

How Is the Procedure Done?

There’s more than one way to go about male breast reduction for gynecomastia. A lot depends on the severity of the condition. For some men, it may only require a relatively simple procedure.

In more pronounced cases, a more invasive approach may be necessary. This is true when breast tissue has to be removed and the nipple has to be surgically realigned. Since some men with this condition also have enlarged nipples, a reduction and reshaping of the nipple may take place at the same time.

What Is the Recovery Like?

After the male breast reduction for gynecomastia, gauze and other forms of dressing will be applied to your chest. Elastic bandages help to hold the dressing in place and also make it easy to change the dressing when needed. You may also wear some sort of compression garment for a period of time. For the next several days, limit any exertion that would cause stress on the area. That includes lifting anything that’s more than a few pounds.

What Impact Will the Procedure Have?

Life will be different after the male breast reduction for gynecomastia. You’ll like the way your shirts fit once the healing is completed. If you were uncomfortable in situations where men normally go without shirts, you can now feel free to remove your shirt without feeling self-conscious. That makes going to the beach, attending a pool party, or using the shower after working out at the gym a lot more enjoyable.

Is male breast reduction for gynecomastia right for you? You can easily find out by visiting Southwest Michigan Plastic and Hand Surgery and speaking with our professionals. We are conveniently located in Portage and Battle Creek. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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