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When you aren’t happy with the condition of your body or your face, it is possible to undergo plastic surgery in Kalamazoo, MI. Today, there are minor plastic surgery procedures that you can recover from quickly, or you may prefer having a major operation to repair a larger problem area on the body. First, determine what type of facial or body feature that you want to change. You must do some research to understand more about how you can correct the shape of your nose or the size of your breasts with a surgical procedure.

If you have excess fat in your hips or thighs, then you could begin with a liposuction procedure that is minimally-invasive. Our plastic surgeon will numb the skin on the thighs or hips to make a tiny incision before inserting a sterilized plastic tube that is attached to suctioning equipment. By moving the tube in your body underneath the skin, the surgeon can remove small amounts of fat. This can lead to having a slimmer physique, making it possible to wear smaller garment sizes.

Procedures for the Face

You may also want to change some of the things on your face, beginning with lifting your eyelids to create a more youthful appearance or eliminating the saggy skin below the eyes so that you don’t look tired. When you don’t like the shape or size of your nose, a plastic surgeon in Kalamazoo can perform a rhinoplasty procedure that involves making incisions inside the nose to adjust the cartilage, bone or other tissues. This type of plastic surgery can also improve other problems inside that nose, including a deviated septum, helping you to breathe better. When you have a receding chin that gives you a poor facial profile or if the skin on your neck is sagging, you can have these issues repaired with customized plastic surgery. With plastic surgery, it is possible to have implants placed in the facial cheeks to create volume in the face, or a surgeon can lift the sagging skin on the forehead to help you to look younger.

Procedures for the Body

Females who aren’t happy with the shape or size of their breasts can request breast augmentation or reduction. An augmentation usually includes inserting implants into the breasts with a tiny incision in the navel, leaving a scar that most people will never see. A reduction is more invasive with multiple incisions on the breasts to remove underlying fat and skin tissue. It is also possible to have an abdominoplasty to reduce the size and increase the firmness of the abdomen.

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