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PCA Skin And Why You Should Invest In Your Skincare Routine!

We all love the feeling of leaving the Med Spa with glowing, youthful skin. But utilizing the right skincare products at home is just as important, if not, more important as the treatment itself. We’re all tempted to buy cheap skincare products at Target, but unfortunately, those products will do more harm than good, especially if you’ve received any Med Spa treatment.

Think about it, would you throw your expensive clothing in the washer with your regular clothes? Probably not. You would take it to the dry cleaners to be properly taken care of. When you’re investing money in treatments at the Med Spa, you’ll want to invest in proper skincare products (recommended by your licensed Aesthetician).

We asked our Med Spa Aestheticians, Danitra and Madi, to share their thoughts on why investing in a proper skincare routine is important.

“A proper SPF to apply daily is the most important thing you can do for your skin. Wear and reapply your sunscreen YEAR ROUND! The sun doesn’t only come out during the summer on a beach. Even in the middle of winter, you are still exposed to harmful UVA and UVB rays by simply walking to your car or driving in the car. Apply sunscreen to your hands, too!” Madi shares.

“Stop looking to social media and the internet or viral TikToks for skincare advice and see a licensed professional that will help start a skincare journey. Most consultations are free and you can get a detailed recommendation that accommodates your unique skin.” Danitra says.

Our skin is a delicate organ that needs to be taken care of daily. The longer you procrastinate investing in your skincare routine, the more you will regret it in the later years to come.

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