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Rhinoplasty is one of the most common cosmetic surgeries performed in Michigan. It is primarily performed on teenagers and adults, but it can also performed on children. In some cases, the interior structure of the nose will have abnormalities that require a repair. Other cases are more centered around aesthetics.

With modern surgery, it is possible to change the size of your nose to adjust its width or length. While changing the size of the nose, you can adjust the tip to be larger or smaller. There are minor surgeries to change the nostrils or the bridge of the nose to give your face a balanced appearance. A nose that is too small or large can give your face a strange appearance. With rhinoplasty, you can have an appealing appearance from the front and from the side.

To have a nose job, you should schedule a consultation with our knowledgeable surgeon. As a part of this consultation, you will have a complete examination with medical images. The surgeon will look at your medical images to determine if it is possible to make the changes that you have requested.

For rhinoplasty surgery, we will apply anesthesia after you recline on a table. The surgeon will draw lines on your nose with a black marker to plan the nose job. Nearly all incisions for rhinoplasty are made inside the nose. The surgeon will have special instruments to see how to make the repairs or alterations.

To create the desired nose, it is possible for the surgeon to move the existing tissue to other locations or remove it entirely. In some cases, a surgeon can add materials to the inside of the nose to alter its shape and size.

Nose surgery can take up to four hours for complex changes, but most rhinoplasty procedures are quick. Besides altering the appearance of your nose, a surgeon can repair interior issues such as a deviated septum. These issues inside your nose can make it difficult to breathe during the day. At night, you may have breathing disruptions that leads to more problems such as snoring. Fixing these issues during the rhinoplasty in Michigan can improve your life.

Feel free to visit Southwest Michigan Plastic and Hand Surgery to learn more. We would be more than happy to discuss your options for surgery. We are located in Battle Creek and Portage. Contact us today to schedule your consultation!


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